Year 2011

We buy Gil Parés real state, a company located at No 52 High Street Argentona, is a company specializing in the sale and rental of properties, so VIVÉ FINQUES established itself as the benchmark company in the area of Argentona, Mataro, Dosrius, Òrrius, Canyamars, etc. .....

Any 2010

We buy Vivé administration of real estates, one of the oldest companies in Mataro founded in 1910, which manages the assets most important to this acquisition Mataró FINQUES MESLLOC also provide services for sale and rental of properties in the Mataró under Marc VIVÉ FINQUES.
Is a company known for its reliability, seriousness and professionalism, his many years working homes, a good example of Vives is that customers have all the confidence in the company when making decisions best for manetnir and monetize their assets.

Year 2007

In order to expand our services and our team, we moved to Calle San Miguel No. 23 Masnou, this local has 400 square meters with meeting rooms and offices to provide our services in a more convenient and enjoyable this change is carried out with great enthusiasm.

Year 2000

In the ongoing effort to improve service to our clients and taking a clear awareness of population movements, especially those who left Barcelona to live in El Masnou, we moved to No. 13 on the same street FONTANILLS to expand our offices and our team.

Year 1998

In 1998, moving into the network of real estate CEIGRUP, we realize that our customers' needs are no longer limited to the population they need our services outside of Masnou, which pushes us to help work with other professionals that consists in its solvency and its seriousness.

Year 1994

Joan Antoni LLIGOÑA ASENSIO His moves to number 15 on the same street Fontanills and clearly reinforces its position within the market intermediation and Administration of Estates in El Masnou, significantly increasing its customer base. It is at this time where FINQUES MESLLOC get a firm base of clients and friends.

Year 1990

In 1990, the family acquired the property of LLIGOÑA Cayetano, FINQUES MESLLOC. a company engaged in the administration of estates and real estate brokerage since 1974, its founder was Manel ARACIL MARROQUI.

Then the business was located at street number 25 Fontanills Masnou and remained there until 1994.