VIVE FINQUES, is a real estate services company dedicated the family property LLIGOÑA CAYETANO.
We are in El Masnou, town beach, located between the cities of Barcelona and Mataro, both about 18 km away and with excellent communications.
We provide REAL ESTATE since 1974, the year was founded the company now also offer our services to the City below MATARÓ under marc of VIVÉ FINQUES, founded in 1910.
Meslloc Real Estate Services is the company with more presence in the Maresme, a team of more than 22 people, with this team we made our customers feel comfortable, confident and secure.
We are a dynamic, innovative and honest, based on continuous improvement, with complete transparency with our clients and a high level of auto demand. How we work.
Our goal is to provide an assessment of real estate QUALITY, based on a thorough knowledge of the property market and the needs of our customers, offering them the respect the law and have their confidence.